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Condition Based Monitoring

Many companies today are doing some form of Condition Based Maintenance or CBM. At MIST & Associates we recommend Condition Based Monitoring as a better means for monitoring equipment health. While both of the methods are better alternatives then calendar based events. Condition Based Monitoring offers more options for leveraging resources through data acquisition than a typical CBM. .

How Do We Manage Condition Based Monitoring?
This technique works very well for organization that deploys a Maintenance Diagnostic Center. Monitoring like devices for deviation can significantly reduce calendar driven base PM’s and help determine when an unscheduled shutdown will take place.

The main objective of Condition Based Monitoring is less intrusive maintenance and shutdowns. Since you know what equipment needs repair, when it needs it, but also what equipment doesn´t need maintenance in near or mid term.

Where can we get Help?

If your organization is new to non-intrusive maintenance MIST & Associates can help your organization through the process. We can provide all levels of support from; design and implementation of a diagnostic center, developing processes, write procedures & PM’s and audit your current maintenance strategy. .